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OceanPearl Books was created in order to provide well-informed book reviews and consulting services for our clients.

The website’s creator, Bushra Zia, fell in love with books at a young age. To date, she has read over 2,000 fiction books. And she still sits to a new book with an eager anticipation.


In the Books Section, our clients will find everything there is to talk about a book. Explore the possibilities!

What’s Hot is OceanPearl Books’ current discoveries and treasures along with On the Spot Ratings of books.

OceanPearl Books currently provides book reviews in the following genres. Our book reviews are original works which are guaranteed to be non-spoilers. We tell you exactly how we feel about a book. Making it easier for you to pick your favorites.

ChildrenClassic, Contemporary

RomanceClassic, Historical, Contemporary

Detective/MysteryClassic, Historical, Contemporary, Cozy Mystery, Romantic Suspense

WesternClassic, Historical, Contemporary


Literature and Fiction – All

OceanPearl Books presents the Bookstore for its new e-book publications.We encourage authors to promote and list their books on our Bookstore. If you wish to promote your book with us, please inform us via our Contact Form.

A customized Authors page is dedicated to authors, their works and more.

The creator of OceanPearl Books has decided to give voice to Child Reviewers. An innovative and groundbreaking approach for children books. Often, adults pick books for their kids unsure of what their children will prefer. By reading OceanPearl Books Child Reviews, children can decide for their own books. If you wish to become our esteemed Child Reviewer, please inform us via our Contact Form. Each Child Reviewer has his/her own About page and contact with their readers.

Guest Reviewers are invited for their thoughts, favorite books, authors and more. If you wish to become our esteemed Guest Reviewer, please inform us via our Contact Form. Each Guest Reviewer has his/her own About page and contact with their readers.


OceanPearl Books has added the unique Global Business Section which brings our readers up to date with the latest global news that have major implications for the future. Each article is handpicked from top business magazines, with due consideration of its impact on a nation’s political dynamics, global communities, macro economics, and more. OceanPearl Books will provide a concise overview of the article along with a short discussion.


Parenting is all about guaranteed parenting tips, a mother’s tears and laughs, disciplinary behavior and more. OceanPearl Books will provide its clients with real life stories and tips.


OceanPearl Books provides its clients with customized Services – Special Delivery! for a fee. Book Reviews on Demand is FREE of charge (excluding Reading Time).The following services can be ordered via our Contact Form.

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editor  Book Reports on Demand

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For our clients, an open community dialogue is available for your valuable suggestions, thoughts and of course your favorite reads. Clients can either Leave a Reply, or use Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and more social buttons to give their valued opinion.

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