An Italian Wife by Ann Hood

An Italian Wife by Ann Hood

Guest Reviewer: Sadaf

An Italian Wife follows the life story of Josephine Rimaldi, who starts out as a young 15 year old forced into a traditional marriage to a man much older than herself. Eventually Josephine follows her husband to the United States and gives birth to seven children – a duty that she feels is required of an “Italian wife”.  The seventh child, a beautiful girl is born out of wedlock and given up for adoption unbeknownst to her husband. The book has a loosely knit plot in which we are given brief insight into Josephine’s children, and grandchildren through the ages. Josephine continues to search for her daughter and in the end we see that the two nearly cross paths as Josephine prepares for a birthday celebration in her honor at a hospice.

This  is a book that could have had a lot of potential but because of the abstract plot, it leaves the reader wanting to know more about each character that is introduced. Also, its difficult to keep track of the different children and grandchildren and their separate lives and escapades do not necessarily tie into a central theme.

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Rating 3/5

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