Cuddly Toys


Cuddly Toys

Topic: New born babies are wrapped like a cucoon before putting them to bed. This gives new born babies a sense of protection. Also, they are not easily disturbed by general sounds in the house such a door click. When babies are around three months old, they will grow out of sleeping in wraps. This creates a huge hassle for mothers when babies are still easliy frightened in their sleep. Babies will want their moms to cuddle them up. However, it can get verpoohy frustrating when moms have work to do.

Tip: Before the birth of your child, get him/her a cuddly toy such as Winnie the Pooh. Make sure this toy is safe for babies such as its fur is not easily pulled out, small parts, etc. Place this toy in your baby’s cot. Start getting your baby to become friends with this toy only at sleeping and milk feed time. I stress on milk feed because children find drinking milk one of the most soothing activities. Often, babies fall asleep after their feed. Even toddlers will want milk first when they are hungry.

How? You simply place Pooh next to your baby when he/she is put to bed or having milk. Soon, babies will rely on the touch of this special toy. You can even keep telling your baby about this special sleeping and milk buddy. By the time your baby is sleeping without wraps, they won’t want moms to hug them. They will feel completely comfortable by hugging their special Pooh. And moms can easily get their house chores or office work done!

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