Airbus is Running Out of Buyers for its Enormous A380s

Bushra Zia

Airbus is Running Out of Buyers for its Enormous A380s

Published: July 8, 2016airbus



Article Overview

“Since its commercial introduction in 2007, the Airbus A380 has brought a long-lost sense of glamour back to travel. Its first-class cabins feature private showers and buttery leather armchairs. It sports in-flight lounges where bartenders mix bespoke cocktails. A broad staircase reminiscent of a 1920s ocean liner links the two decks. Financially speaking, it’s a disaster of similarly grand proportions.

An initial flood of interest from airlines has turned into a slow drip, and Airbus is leaning heavily on one customer, Emirates, for sales. Not a single U.S. carrier has bought one, and Japanese airlines, among the biggest cheerleaders for huge planes, have taken just a handful. Airbus has delivered 193 A380s—early on it predicted airlines would buy 1,200 supersize planes over two decades—and has only 126 in its order book, to be built over the next five years or so.

Airbus concedes its timing was off with the A380, which lists for $433 million but almost always sells at a discount. The financial crisis hit just as production was picking up in 2008, and soaring oil prices made airlines reluctant to buy the four-engine behemoth. The company only last year managed to start breaking even on production, and it’s acknowledged it will never recoup the €25 billion ($32 billion) it spent on development.” (Bloomberg Businessweek)


A financial loss of major proportions for Airbus costing €25 billion ($32 billion) on A380s development. And that is just tip of the iceberg. Airbus may need to close factories across Europe and redeploy or layoff thousands of  workers. These two major costs to the dollar are not even stated in the article.


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