Engaging Your Child in School Sports


Bushra Zia

Topic: How do you engage your child in after school activities? Especially for an only child, after school activities add a new element to their lifestyles. I realized that my three year old daughter wanted to play with big kids at school.

Tip: Speak to your child’s physical eduation (PE) teacher. They can usually adjust your kid in their classes. At this stage, your child is too little to fully engage in sports. However, developing a friendship with their PE teacher will go a long way. The teacher will introduce your kid to their class and encourage friendships. This kind of social activity greatly enhance your child’s confidence level.   The teacher will often engage the child with one-on-one sports or attend the class as a spectator. Children are keen observers. They learn a great deal about sports, team dynamics, and friendships at this stage.

Image Source: Google Images


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