Keeping Katie by Patricia Keelyn

Keeping Katie by Patricia Keelyn

A Mother’s Heart (Book 1)

Bushra Zia

First, Maura looses her husband in a useless car accident. Now, the legal system is demanding back her adopted daughter, the light of her life. Katie has no choice but to run. After three months of being on the road, Maura ends up in a remote western town.

Alan Parks, the town sheriff only sees the world through the prejudices of black and white. Finding the newcomer to be more than a drifter, he starts to dig into her past. Will Alan learn that the world and most of all criminals are not as easily classified? Will Maura have the courage to return and hand herself over?

A beautiful work that entangles a mother’s heart thoroughly. Any mother will surely understand what Maura goes through.

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Rating: 5/5

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