Weathering a Tantrum!

Bushra Zia

Topic: Your kid suddenly hates you! There are large, anguishing sobs, red eyes, and merciless kicks directed at you. To top it all, your child has suddenly acquired the voice of a banshee! How to manage a tantrum?

Tip: Parents are often busy with work and household duties. A tantrum often has roots in groundless actions, which are laughable in an adult world. It is virtually an ambush on a parent’s already trying patience. Managing your child’s tantrum must be treated with utmost care and patience. As many parents have experienced before, one small gesture can be grossly misunderstood with a child who is already upset.

My guaranteed, proven technique is to pretend that you are handling a baby. Children love to act like babies, their younger counterparts, since babies are given more attention in soft spoken words and lullabies. Though, it will take a few minutes for your child to register your altered behavior, you keep trying to coddle your resisting child. Children always want a comforting hug after their tantrum fit. Physical contact, hugs and drying of tears, and soft voices are the essential elements of weathering a tantrum.


Image Source: Google Images


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