Lady Betty Across the Water by Alice Muriel Williamson

Lady Betty Across the Water by Alice Muriel Williamson

Bushra Zia

Lady Betty, as the youngest and most beautiful daughter, feels siffled at home by her mother and sister’s cold atittude towards her. Her fortune is changed when a suitor is expected for her sister, Vic. Both her mother and sister plan to banish her from the estate so that the would be suitor does not fall in love with Lady Betty.  When Lady Betty is forced to travel to the States with a virtual stranger, the adventure of a lifetime begins . Her accidental meeting with the handsome yet poverty stricken man, Jim Brett, keeps her intrigued.

A novel of satirical humor from the eyes of a young, aristocratic girl who is far from what her title declares her to be. Jim Brett’s gentleman chivalry shines bright when Lady Betty finds herself enamored by unwanted sutitors and fortune hunters. Williamson brings about a unique viewpoint of class distinictions in the Britain and States.

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Rating: 5/5

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