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Detective/Mystery - Contemporary

Death by Didgeridoo by Barbara Venkataramandeath-by-didgeridoo

On the Spot Rating: 4/5

Jamie Quinn, a family law practioner, is coping with her mother’s death. She cuts herself from work, family, and friends. However, when her austictic cousin, Adam, is charged with murder of his music teacher, Spike, Jamie’s loyalty kicks in. She musters up her courage and sharpens her advocacy skills to battle her cousin’s innocence and her aunt’s sanity.

Ms. Venkataraman weaves her mysteries with intricate relationships of friends and family. Her stories feel real, with hard core details and interesting twists.

Image Source: Amazon.com

Romance - Classic, Literture and Fiction - ALL

Lady Betty Across the Water by Alice Muriel Williamson

On the Spot Rating: 5/5lady-betty

Lady Betty, as the youngest and most beautiful daughter, feels siffled at home by her mother and sister’s cold atittude towards her. Her fortune is changed when a suitor is expected for her sister, Vic. Both her mother and sister plan to banish her from the estate so that the would be suitor does not fall in love with Lady Betty.  When Lady Betty is forced to travel to the States with a virtual stranger, the adventure of a lifetime begins . Her accidental meeting with the handsome yet poverty stricken man, Jim Brett, keeps her intrigued.

A novel of satirical humor from the eyes of a young, aristocratic girl who is far from what her title declares her to be. Jim Brett’s gentleman chivalry shines bright when Lady Betty finds herself enamored by unwanted sutitors and fortune hunters. Williamson brings about a unique viewpoint of class distinictions in the Britain and States.

Image Source: Manybooks.net


Romance - Classic

north and south2.jpgNorth and South by Elizabeth Gaskell

On the Spot Rating: 5/5

Margaret Hale is suddenly uprooted from her country home in southern England and moves to an industrial town with her father. Margaret is highly prejudiced against the industrial revolution and all involved in it.

Mr. Thornton is a conscientious factory owner who has to deal with violent union leaders and Margaret’s criticisms. Will Margaret learn to look over her prejudices? Will Thornton be able to make Margaret understand his position?

This is Gaskell’s best work that unearths a once in a lifetime romance to pages.

Image Source: Goodreads.com

Romance - Classic; Detective/Mystery - Classic

Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier


On the Spot Rating: 5/5

Rebecca accepts the proposal of a wealthy widower, Max de Winter. She leaves her lady maid’s job only to be embroiled in an ugly secret. Their marriage is at risk when Rebecca is entangled in a mystery and has a arch rival, the de Winter’s long time house keeper.

An enthralling story that will want you to save Rebecca at every turn!

Image Source: Goodreads.com

Literature and Fiction

hard times3Hard Times by Charles Dickens

On the Spot Rating: 5/5

Louisa is raised by a wealthy, influential father, Thomas Gradgrind. Gradgrind considers flowers on carpets superficial and children play a waste of time. Louisa grows up disillusioned about emotions and reality. Later, an arranged marriage leaves her completely lost in an effort to discover what really matters in life.

A reality check for many readers.

Image Source: Goodreads.com


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